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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

August 18, 2017

Well… I guess I had it backwards when I said I’d be posting more often! Even after this one I’m a full week and a few client photos behind, but hey, it’s summer camp, stuff happens.

“If” I get a chance I’ll try to catch up sometime this week, but in all reality I’ll probably wind up posting some BBT week client photos, pics and things from this past week and the one coming up sometime after I get home on the 27th as I see this coming week being a very busy and hectic one…

A few more random shots I played with from the week prior to our BBT week. I may have played with the “dramatic” setting a bit too much! ;^)

A few shots I took in my front yard Friday morning.

A couple more from Friday. (The 4th.)

Our crew arrived on Saturday… Sunday morning found me in a plane on my way to Gertrude with John and Scooter! Didn’t take fish pics the way I should have as someone was constantly catching one, but here’s a few shots I did take…

Flight in.

Gearing up at “the grayling hole”.

A few more from the day and a flight home pic.

On Monday John, Scooter and I hit the Naknek with Mike as our guide and had a great time not only catching fish, but just catching up in general.

I scored first! ;^)

Then I got this beauty…

Caught some silvers, a char and a few bows after that then finished the night off with a camp fire…

For Tuesday I had requested either Miles or James to be our guide only this time, it was because I needed some guidance! As much time as I’ve spent on this river I was still lacking some experience on Big Creek, a tributary of the main stream that I felt I could gain (And did!) from either of the two. It turned into a Chum fest with a few Silvers tossed in for good measure and was a blast as always. Miles took us…

Lots of doubles and tons of fun!

Tuesday night was a treat for the entire camp courtesy of John, Scooter and I. The guys had picked up a couple of large loins and a cooler to put ‘em in in Anchorage on the way in then we (Mostly John while Scooter and I bartended and supervised.) grilled up ribeyes for everyone!


Wednesday found us on the Naknek again chasing smolt boils in the rapids, silvers in several locations and chums again as well. Plenty of action overall, but I did not do due diligence with the camera once again.

A few random shots…

Thursday was a sort of bucket list day courtesy of our client Tom as he and his wife Cindy invited John and I along for an epic beaver flight to Dick (Richard) Proenneke’s cabin on Twin Lakes! (Cannot thank you enough for one of the best days of my life Tom!) Many of you may have watched the PBS Special on Dick and his adventures in the wild building his cabin and much more with just a few hand tools and the fact is, I was a little afraid that going there would take away from it as it is now a historical site run by the park service, but that was the furthest from the truth and it was, in all reality, one of the coolest days I’ve ever had in Alaska or anywhere else for that matter…

Flight in.

Made it!! You said we would Tom and we did!

A couple of the finest people you will ever meet.

A very nice couple that actually knew Dick when he lived there run the joint and you are free to handle all of his things and explore the area as much as you please after you gain a BUNCH of knowledge about the man and the things he built and did from those folks. Words cannot describe it, but I highly recommend you watch the special (Alone In The Wilderness, also available on DVD) or read the books written by or about the guy and, if at all possible, go see it in person!!

Dick raked his gravel every day with that handmade contraption John is holding to see what had visited.

Lots of things including the skids on this sled were made from the metal of the gas cans like the one being held that used to be used in the area.

This was a map that Dick kept up in the cabin with a note that said “Here today” with a pin in it so if anyone stopped by they would know where he was headed to, at, or on the way back from.

Some shots of the inside.

Our pilot Brian enjoyed the trip as much as we did!

Dick made lots of notes and kept a detailed journal all with an old fountain pen.

Signing the guest book at Dick’s desk.

I’m sure your dad is as happy as you both are Tom.

The food cache.

Awesome roof!

John with one of Dick’s walking sticks out by the wood shed.

All the stacks of yellow boxes in the outhouse are ink for Dick’s fountain pens! Did I mention he wrote A LOT… ;^)

Dick’s daily walk when at home was up to “Teetering Rock”.

You can get that giant boulder moving by hand and it teeters back and forth a good three to five inches.

Another picture of John taking a picture! Hehe.

Part of Dick’s gravel beach.

An otter taking flight.

Having lunch by our ride.

The creek mouth by the cabin.

The spike cabin near Dick’s that the couple taking care of the place stay in.

Flight home…

Proposed Pebble Mine Site.

John, Scooter and I finished off our week on Friday with wheels to Upper Contact and had some really good fishing! Far too busy catching and releasing to bother with the camera much, but I did take a few shots…

Our ride in.

Some scenery.

Scooter with one of MANY Grayling.

Fishing in a barrel.

A cold PBR from our pilot before the ride home.

A rainbow back at camp with the end in the river out front!

And of course, the send off bon fire…

PLEASE keep in mind that you don’t have to book the “BBT Week” to book thru us (Or me) and I’ll be happy to guide a few of you myself on weeks where we are not hosting. Contact me directly if you are interested in any other weeks by leaving a message at the shop for me to call you about it and I will. My goal is to have my own clients here for every week I am next summer, it makes it soooo much nicer… That’s all I’ve got for now and probably for a while except to thank all of the fine folks I’ve had the pleasure of guiding this summer and especially those that booked thru BBT!! Till next time, tight lines…

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