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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

August 2, 2017

Hey guys... I thought I might run in to town more often to post now, but it turns out, it still takes lots of time to sit down, type out the words and crop photos that I’m not finding a lot of! ;^) Anyway, gonna try to skip some of the typing part and let the photos do the talking for the most part. When I last left you my clients were out king fishing with some other guides and I had the day off.

More shenanigans from earlier in the week Sockeye fishing.

A couple of the many fish the guys caught with Shag Trent while I was typing my last report…

Finally did get our fly outs in on Thursday and Friday. Worked out perfectly in reality and the guys got to see some of the best that Bristol Bay has to offer to finish out a great week!

Flight into Gertrude and part of the walk.

Oh, hello Booboo!

Everyone caught lots of fish. Here’s just a few…

Walking out.

The flight…..


I’m fairly certain that after Gertrude the guys probably thought it couldn’t get any better, but Contact on Friday turned into one of those constant action days with doubles, triples and even quadruples being quite normal with long spells of a fish on every cast for every angler. I kid you not that not long after lunch the guys had simply had enough for the day and took naps with big smiles on their faces while Walt and I stood guard and fished ourselves… Epic would be the best description of the day.

Contact this time for the big finish!

Later dude.

A fraction of the fun…

Gratuitous bear shot .

Constant doubles, triples and quadruples all morning!

Completely wore the clients out just after lunch so… Walt and I fished a while more!

A Friday night farewell to Walt and John.

My old crew of clients from home left on Saturday and the new crew came in. John and I, as well as Josh, have been working with the Father and Sons team of Bert Sr., Bert Jr. and Max the past two days fishing smolt boils, learning the art of spey (More so from John and Josh than me) and doing a little dry fly fishing.

Sunday morning view from my yard.

Today they are out with another couple of clients on a fly out with another guide, but on Sunday Max had the hot hand landing four or five BIG fish, everyone caught a few small ones and Bert Jr. caught a duker in the bottom of the ninth.

Two of four or five impressive fish Max tagged on his hot hand day!

Cool filter shot of the boys swinging the flat in the rapids.

Bert Jr. picked up a nice two footer right here in front of camp, but he did the right thing making sure it squirmed out of his hands into the water and not the boat so, no shot…

Monday’s bite was tougher, but both the boys had big fish on the spey that schooled them, dad landed a dandy and Bert got another big one out front that got tossed into the river pre pic again! Oh well, the memory last forever…

Bert Sr. with the only “big fish” that made it to hand on Monday. Team work! ;^)

Josh rescuing a bird after it was hooked out of a smolt boil. It flew away just fine…

We picked up some Grayling and small rainbows to finish the day out on dry flies.

Took this shot while sitting on my front porch looking at photos.

That pretty much brings you up to speed! Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but I am looking forward to Saturday when I become a client/host for the following week along with my business partner John from back home and 12 of our own great friends/clients! Not sure when I’ll post again with all that will be going on, but if I get motivated I might have something on Saturday. Till next time, tight lines…

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