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John Karakashian-BBT
Co-owner & Guide

March 27, 2017

The shop is open seven days a week - 7am to 5pm (Sunday - Thursday) and 7am to 7pm (Friday & Saturday).

The spring steelhead run is in full swing! Fishing pressure is increasing and the fish are getting wise! I have been sticking and moving to find players daily. Hit the right spot at the right time will make your day, but camping on spawners is not the answer. Stick and move if you can or work the pockets and runs if on foot. Please respect anglers space and water!

The trout bite is getting strong!

My open guide dates…April 15, 17, 20 - 27
…please contact the shop to reserve a day on the river! 231-745-3529 Plus, we have other guides available most days and Motel Rooms too!

Please swing into the shop for your fishing supplies…the shop LOADED with inventory!!! Lots of new items, TONS of fly tying materials, hooks, boxes, rods, reels, fly lines, waders, apparel…you get the idea. We would appreciate your consideration for purchases. Feel free to call the shop for current conditions…231-745-3529.

The water conditions are perfect, but the bite has been hot and cold. Natural size clown eggs (#8 - #12), small rag eggs in OC and steelhead orange, plus estaz nuke eggs in natural colors have been productive. The salmon fry have started popping and the bite has been exciting fishing fry patterns…dead drifted, swinging or even striping in have generated some strikes this week. Plus, hexes, hares ears and stoneflies are getting bit daily. Look at the water and adjust your pattern size to match…they can see much, much better then you think! Bottom bouncing and Indi rigs are our techniques of choice, but stripping streamers between spots is an option too! The streamer action will be more consistent once the water temps stabilize. Just a friendly reminder beads are not a fly and should not be fished in the Flies Only Section…thank you!

We have experienced a decent week of fishing. It has been up and down with action over the last week. There are plenty of fish spawning, so look for fish in the pockets and slots too. The pools and runs are always a sure bet to find new or used (drop back) fish. Presentation is the best fly at the moment, but a sloppy fry on the swing will get smashed. The days are getting longer…more sun-load on the water will increase water temps. Hard strikes from new fish has been fun to watch and I am looking forward to another week on the water with clients! See you out there or around the shop!

The trout fishing is getting better each day. The streamer action is developing and on warm days stones have been hatching. I have seen several trout rise this week. As soon as I get a shot at a rising trout; I will take it! But streamers and eggs are working fine right now.

Photo review of the week…

Tom enjoying his “home” waters

We had a great day on the water!!!

I even got to tangle with a steelie…thanks Tom!!!

Mark with a hot steelie!!!

Dave with his second cast special

Mink enjoying the spring weather

Matt and I with a nice brown

One in the bag

Ben landed this hot fish in tight quarters

Ron with a large spawning hen; that we found in a pool

Ben bagged this large buck on a fry pattern and light line….well done!!!

John “high holing” again…ha, ha

Here are a couple classic fishing quotes to keep things lite hearted…let’s not take ourselves too serious!

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” – Henry David Thoreau.

Somebody behind you while you are fishing, is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl. – Ernest Hemingway.

The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.  ~A.K. Best ??

Enjoy the river and resource. Please respect other anglers as we are all out there for the same reason. Looking forward to another great week of fishing the PM…here we go, our spring steelhead season is on!!!

Take Care!


Announcements/Destination Travel Info-

Argentina 2018

The dates are January 6 – 13, 2018…we are taking deposits ($1,000) now to hold your spot. The package price per person based on double occupancy is US $3,950.00 and includes:
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· Transportation to and from the Airport in Bariloche

…contact the shop to reserve your spot! 231-745-3529.

Argentina 2016 from John Karakashian on Vimeo.

Search Vimeo for other videos we have produced.

Alaska 2017

Our BBT Alaska Dates are August 5 - 12, 2017 SPECIAL BBT DEAL!!! Rates will be $2,795 per person for a week of fishing in some of the greatest water in Alaska! And the “Best of Katmai” Package of $3,395 with two fly outs throughout the week. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the shop for details. It is an amazing trip!!!!

Alaskan fishing at its BEST!!!!

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Later & Fish-On!


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