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Alaska Part 10 and PM Report...
August 25, 2015

Hey guys! I was going to try and post a few PM King Photos along with this report from my first guide trip today, but we either called it too early or, didn’t get quite far enough down. Saw a few fish rolling in our section this morning, but only had a couple of hard strikes that missed the hooks by half time and we gave the half day option to the clients who took it…

The season is upon us!

Did talk to a boat with three off duty PM guides in it who were coming back from lower downstream who had gotten one, (A big hit on Facebook right now!) but that wasn’t too encouraging at the time to me considering the talent in that boat. Come to find out later, another guide friend further down in the same section was something like 5 for 8 when John spoke with him later in the day so they either turned on or, he found the front of a good wave! Word from others even further down from that was even better. Not our day, but very nice to hear either way and it sounds like we should be in great shape from here on out.

Currently our shop hours are 8am – 6pm every day, but we will be extending those hours very soon.

As to Open Guide dates, we’ve had a few cancellations and here is what is currently available.

My open dates are: August 27, 30 & 31 September 1 – 3 & 7 - 9 October 7 & 14

John Karakashian’s open dates are: August 27 & 31 September 3 October 4, 7 & 14

John Robinson’s open dates are: August 27 – 31 September 1-3, 7-10, 15, 22, 24 & 25 October 7, 11 & 14

These dates are open to the first caller and are subject to change daily. Please contact the shop for reservations 231-745-3529. Also, keep in mind we have lodging dates available as well… Fall is upon us so don’t wait and get a great date! .

My morning commute a week ago Sunday.

My tenth week in Alaska was just as fun as the previous nine. Don’t have much time for details, but suffice it to say that it was a double edged sword coming home. Outside of missing family, friends and pets I could easily be swayed into staying longer in that awesome place I get to call home for a few weeks each summer…

Captained the Cat to Margot for day one and caught lots of fish per usual, here’s a nice green head that Kim caught.

Nicole with one of her Arctic Char.

Bill with one of our bows.

All in all, just another great day!

Monday was Cat Captain day again and with Hunter as my first mate we took a group of French over to Brooks for some Rainbows. Didn’t take near enough pictures, but we did catch a bunch of fish while having a bunch of fun…

Only grabbed a couple of shots in between netting and rigging duties!

Tuesday was all hands on deck with a full house of folks with different goals for the day and I actually got to see my cousin Jim jump in a boat to guide just before taking flight over to Contact with a group of Michigan anglers, some of which I guided 20 or so years ago here at home. Had a fantastic time over there per usual catching mostly Dollies and Grayling with a few other species thrown in for more fun…

What! ;^)

There’s no place like home...

A few of the clowned up Dollies.

The gratuitous Grayling shot.

A happy Michigan crew.

Wednesday was interesting… I was captain of the Cat again over to Brooks only this time my passengers were my first mate and another guide as well as the Michigan crew who were going fishing. My duty involved meeting a plane in Jeans and tennis shoes then playing tour guide to a great New Zeeland couple for the day… Pretty fun showing them around, watching a few bears and doing the Cultural tour with a ranger, but it felt weird to not be in waders!

Only took one shot myself, but I took lots with their camera and them!

Thursday was to be my last guide day since I would need all of Friday to get packed up and ready for the return home on Saturday; It was cat duty back to Brooks with yet another crew. Once again, too busy with other duties to do much camera work, but we had a fantastic day catching tons of rainbows and having lots of fun…

A couple of quick shots.

See you next year Brooks!

Thursday night was also my good friends Kelly and Tim’s engagement party and a special thanks goes out to them for having us all over to their place for a great time celebrating their lives together now and in the future…

Great times with great friends!

Friday was spent packing up “Huggy’s Bar and Grill”…

That about sums it up for Alaska this year. I made some great new friends in what I consider to be the best crew ever and I’m looking forward to the future with all of them. Right now my focus is on the fall here and as I type this word continues to flow in about a good push just a little further down than we were today. I’ve got a half day tomorrow and I hope they’ll want to go down and give it a shot! I’ll probably get another report up before the weekend, but till then, tight lines!

Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s when in Baldwin for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me!

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• Transportation to and from the Airport in Bariloche

Join us next year for a warm and fantastic vacation to bring in the new year!

BBT In Argentina 2014

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