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Alaska Part 7
August 1, 2015

Another great week is in the books and as of this morning, I’m on vacation for the next 7 days! I had three clients, Grant, Joe and Paul, that I booked in camp this past week, but I continued to guide. I had Jeremy, an expert around here, take them King, Sockeye and Rainbow fishing on the Naknek while I took them on both of their fly outs and across the lake one day…

Thanks for booking thru BBT guys!

This week is the “official” BBT week (Keeping in mind that you can always book thru me or BBT for anytime up here.) when John will arrive with 11 others we have booked and we play host/client for the duration. I’ll go back to guiding next Saturday for the next two weeks after that.

After the day was over last Saturday, more of the usual...

Sunday found me on the river here with Nick and Jared fishing Rainbows in the rapids where we had great smolting action all day, but some smart fish. Still, we managed to fool a few good ones!

A few rapids fish...

Monday morning rolled around and an attempt at Contact Creek was made, but weather sent us North to the Little Ku instead. I found the water much higher and darker than it had been on Friday, just a few days prior. We fished a shorter section due to time constraints and it appeared that many of the fish had either moved up, or were put off by the change in conditions. Still, made a great day of it catching a few good bows along with a fair number of little ones, some nice Dollies, colored up Socks and Grayling…

Flight into the Little Ku.

Paul with his first bow.

Gratuitous bear shot…

Gotta catch at least one of these.

Found a fair number of Char.

Grayling are always fun.

Same story, different folks as far as attempts and destinations go only one day made a difference and the Little fished much better for us on Tuesday. I was a bit negligent on the camera, but suffice it to say that everyone caught lots of nice fish in the same section as the day prior and the water had dropped and cleared a bit…

Morning commute.

Chad and Dan with one.

David and I with one of the Dollies.

Another gratuitous bear shot.

Good times!

The old stomping grounds on the commute home.

Yea, did I mention it was Dan Jr’s birthday? The party went late…

Took the crew over to Brooks in the newly reacquired Cat Wednesday and never took a single shot since my camera was in my room, but we did some bear viewing, got run around by a few playing the dodge the bear game and caught a few fish…

Thursday found me back in the air with Chad and his fun group of seven from Georgia. Made it to Contact this time around and basically had an epic day catching just about everything to be had there…

Tim loading the first part of the crew.

C ya...

Mike and I with one of millions. (OK, maybe not millions but close enough.)

Dan Jr. got the largest dolly of the day I believe.

Pretty much all day long.

The Georgia crew.

Headwaters/Heavenly is looking good, might have to try it soon...

Another night in Pringleville after the concert.

Friday was once again successful in an attempt to hit Contact again and I had the pleasure of finishing off my guide week with Grant, Joe and Paul catching fish on almost every cast…

It never gets old.

With triples most of the day there’s not much time for photos, but here’s a few.

Watched this bear catch fish for a while.

That about wraps up last week, but I am seriously looking forward to this one and should have another good update for you next Saturday. Till then, tight lines!

Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s when in Baldwin for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me!

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