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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

December 6, 2016

Hey guys! Well, we finally got some water in this ole’ creek and it most certainly has helped here recently. Had a few solid pushes of fish that produced some silly numbers for a few lucky folks hitting the waves on the way up before they spread out and really good to decent numbers for most others throughout the system depending on the day.

Charlie with a nice one he took while “pitching tots” a fun and effective method to cover lots of water all day that produces viscous strikes!

We found the bite to be a little better at its peak and during this steady decline than it was while still rising and the “bite window” has been sporadic along with the weather so, it’s not only the right place and proper presentation that is key, but the right TIME, at the right place with a proper presentation being even more important. In other words, if you didn’t hit a fish in a good location earlier and the bite window opens don’t be afraid to go back if you can, they probably were there and just not interested most of the time. You may just be in for a nice surprise on the return!

Peter doing battle with “The one that got away.” on his birthday, the 25th.

We had one brief encounter ourselves with chrome and caught 4 pike to evade the skunk while pitching.

It looks like winter proper is on its way now so watching the weather for some sun or higher temps to bump the water temp a little will start to become a big factor, but fish in the system is most certainly not! We’ve got plenty to play with from here on out with more to push in I’m sure. We do have plenty of guide dates as well as motel rooms available for you, or even a larger party, to get in on the action so check for the weather that suite you, (We’re prepared for anything!) give us a call or stop in and let’s go fishing! 1-231-745-3529

Winter shop hours are currently 9am – 5pm Wednesday to Monday, Closed on Tuesday, but you can still book a room or guide trip for any Tuesday prior to it. Also, back by popular demand, we are offering our Holiday Special (until December 24, 2016) of 20% off Gift Certificates!!!! These gift certificates are good at face value for any and all shop merchandise or lodging, but not guide trips. Call the shop to have one mailed to your door!

It was a one in a million shot Jerry!

On the 26th I got a chance to spend the day with Chris and his dad Hank that have been MIA for a while. (We will see Chris again soon in Argentina!! Still have a spot open with a great crew this year folks!!!) One of our better “catches” of the day was spotting an anchor I had lost that a small corner of was just barely visible and managing to hook it with my plug plucker, (Shown above) but we also had a sweet take and battle with a bright chrome Steelhead on a floating line indicator rig, caught a nice stream brown that is pretty rare for that area using the same method, a pike on a plug and a good one to hand while pitching to finish what was otherwise a slow day in our area by all other accounts.

This fish was HOT and spent as much time in the air as in the water!

I took a little river break on the 27th, 28th and 29th, but managed to squeeze in a lot of fun and work regardless! Shot some pool with my Baldwin crew, cleaned out the “toy box” and managed to take advantage of some awesome weather to both ride and clean said toys before my winter storage insurance went into effect!

See you in the spring! (Kidding, I go out and start ‘em up for a while once a week or so … ;^)

These guys hate it when I put their pictures on-line so… HA!

The 30th found me out on the river with John and John. The water was high and quite stained, but that didn’t stop John R from getting up to his old tricks and hooking our first fish at our first stop from right out in front of me while I was changing flies! Hehehe… Nice work buddy!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Cheers and thanks for the “pie” Patrick! (Gone now, need more, and NOT the stuff from the store… ;^)

Not too long after celebrating John’s fine fish we lost two more and then I found myself tagged into a hot one that took us on one hell of a wild ride jumping around in a log jam, going around obstructions, under obstructions and all the while we chased it around with the boat while we had CCR’s “Run Through The Jungle” playing on my inboard stereo! (You had to be there, but it was hilarious!)

This guy showed us what “run through the jungle” meant, but we prevailed!

It was right after that fish when I mentioned that nobody would believe that kind of fight if they hadn’t seen it and I got the bright, or maybe not so bright, idea to go “live” on my Facebook page for the first time of what now has been six or seven times. Problem is, it takes a minute to get going sometimes and you often times miss the best part of the battle, but we’ve had some fun with it and if you “friend me” on Facebook (Steven R Fraley) you might just catch some live river action now and again. It’s fun, but now that the novelty has run out a little I think I’ll use it more sparingly… (Or, I could just start doing a “Monday night live” fishing report?! ;^)

This feisty skipper just minutes after the fish above was my first live broadcast and it gave us a bit of a show for its size!

John K’s fish here gave us a pretty good 2 minute 20 seconds worth of action, one of the better broadcast so far...

The only other bite we had after that one was some quick bites of these tasty cheesy venison brats from one of my harvest before running back to make our curfew!

The next day, 12/1, John R pulled a repeat of the morning prior while I was once again changing flies and we caught a fair amount of this one in the live broadcast, but I blamed the lack of bite for us the rest of the day on that whole going live thing after it! ;^) Still, we managed to have another great day hanging out together and not only avoided the skunk with that nice fish, but also enjoyed some venison that John K brought along with some prime rib! Pretty great day hanging out with friends in my book…

Not quite as acrobatic as the day prior, but it had gotten pretty cold overnight and the water temp had suffered.

Good times!


Took a couple of days off again after that, but on the 4th I met up with my friend/sometimes client, but not today/orthopedic spine surgeon Chris for a few hours of fun on the creek. Both the woods and the water were quiet for the most part in our area of the stream for a while, but some hard work between tasty ale treats and great conversation paid off with a nice fish just before we needed to call it quits. Always a pleasure spending a day with this guy and it was really nice that this “office visit” was just for fun unlike when I saw him in his office last!

Better than the other office for sure!


Got a little bit of a later start yesterday (12/5) as I needed to go touch base with a mechanic who was doing some work on the bike I bought to ride to Alaska last spring, (Got sick and didn’t make it as you know.) but it didn’t take long for Jake, on his farewell for the winter float, to strike pay dirt once we started pitching tots after having run a few spots with flies. I think my “live broadcast” was about 30 seconds of that one getting netted by the time I got connected, but it was kind of funny since I don’t like to use my big net on lure fish… (I need a bigger rubberized one! ;^)

A temporarily parting gift!

Hit one more Pike after that working both lures between spots and flies in holes/runs before we cooked up some more of my famous cheesy venison brats just in time to eat and let the two Johns switch out back at the launch. (John R had to get home early and John K couldn’t get out early so it worked out great and we all got to spend some time and fish with Jake!)


Never gets old!

Picked it back up pitching with John K and we never wound up running flies again for the day. Only had a little while to fish, but in that short time the bite window opened. We had another follow, Jake hooked a beast that got off, made a four minute plus live video out of another one I hooked that went under a log and I eventually hand lined in, (Mostly pretty boring footage of us struggling with the line under the log, but it did get fun in the end when my rod tip came off along with all sorts of other shenanigans before the hand lining net job!) lost another on the very next cast and John found silver to finish it off! I missed the better part of that battle going live again, but got a couple of jumps before Jake put a big fish in a little net for the finale…

Tricky fish, but we were trickier!

Great way to finish a great day!.

Spent today (It’s actually tomorrow now since its after midnight and I’m still typing…) draining the water going to my barn bathroom, hose hookups, etc, and doing some mechanic work of my own on my wife’s bike then riding it to the gas station for a storage fill up. Took on a few other chores then got the call from the mechanic who has my KLR to come get it. Had a nice longer, sunny albeit cold ride on that one before cleaning and storing it as well. Somehow, I fell asleep on the couch after that and have only been up for a while since. Annnd my winter hours begin! Hehehe…

With any luck, it, and I, will make that delayed voyage to Alaska this spring instead.

That’s all I have for you right now. I hope to get out again soon and I hope that a few of you will join me!

Tight lines all,

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