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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

November 23, 2015

Hi guys, been a few minutes, sorry, life gets in the way… After my last report on the 12th I was supposed to be out on trips with a regular father and son team both the 13th and 14th, but after hooking a couple of fish in the first hour of the 13th my client had a situation that caused us to bag it for this falls trip. (All is well by the way.)

Andrew put a nice one to hand early thank goodness!

Turns out, a bunch of the guys had gone to deer camp early so rather than wait till the evening of the 14th I was able to go out early as well and enjoy the festivities…

I just love the good ‘ole Pine Farm and hanging with my old business partner Bob and the boys.

We ate like Kings this year, thanks guys, nice work all the way around!

Spent the 14th with lots of last minute preparations to the blinds and what not as well as eating tons more!

Not a bad “camp” Bob!

what an awesome opening day! I must have seen at least 30 does and saw five smaller spike and fork horn bucks before harvesting a medium sized spike for freezer meat right at dusk. (Didn’t bother with a pic and wish I would have remembered to have someone put me in for a doe permit while I was in Alaska however instead…) A little brisk in the morning, but t-shirt weather most of the day after that.

No problem hanging around here for a day!

Harvested my spike from this field just a few minutes before shooting hours were over.

Jim and Jake both took 8 points and Rob, like me, had limited time to hunt with no doe permit and took a fork.

Got out for a few hours in the morning with Bob before heading home, but only saw a few does and called it end of camp for me around 10:30. Got unloaded and took off to help Johnny out down at the M-37 Meat Shack who was getting almost to the point of having to turn folks away…

Wound up cutting deer till about 10:30pm on the 16th...

Basically didn’t do anything other than cut deer, shoot pool league, take care of some chores and saw my wife off who is down helping her sister out for a few weeks now between then and the 20th when friends showed up for a couple of boys nights and a day…

John and Heather’s daughter Alex is not lacking in “uncles” that love her!

The 21st was mine and Fey’s “Birthday Float” with the boys! (His is actually the 20th and mine the 22nd, worked out well!) Loaded up a couple of boats and had a grand ‘ole time on the river hooking lots of fish, landing our share, enjoying a few cocktails and lots of good food per usual!!

Scott got on the board first with a beautiful buck!

Robinson hooked up next with this sizable fellow and Fey hooked up during his battle landing his as well for the double shot!

Gotta celebrate that...

I even landed a manageable one out of several hot fish; Some of them simply kicked my butt but good!

”Lunch time!” (Yes, I needed more hands, thanks guys…)

What do you do when you’re all done playing on the river? Get back home in time to watch the Spartans play and win of course! Oh yea, then you stuff in more food and beverages…

Steak and Cake to finish a great day.

This girl needs more attention I think!

Had plans to possibly do a few things the next day, but wound up messing with my sleep schedule a little too much for that! Wound up celebrating the actual birthday by snuggling up on the couch with my girls (Tess and Ginger) and having a few bachelor meals instead!

OK, to be honest, I ate some leftover Cake and Steak as well...

Had another chore day today including this report, but I’m out on the river with clients for the next two, have Thanksgiving off, two more guide days on then a few more days off before I go under the knife for my elbow and can’t do much of anything for a while… (I’ll put another report up before then.) Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Till next time, tight lines!

Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s when in Baldwin for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me!

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