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Steve Fraley, BBT
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May 19, 2015

Hey guys, not much new to tell, but figured I’d toss a quick one out here prior to my departure from this scene… Had a great time being a part of the escort of the Veteran’s Memorial Wall this past Thursday after my last brief little update and I think this invite from the guys down at the AMVETs could have finally convinced me to join! (The guys have been after me for a while and they’ve not only got a great post, but also the largest rider group in Michigan.)

I had a blast talking to some of the active duty guys about my days over in Germany in the early 80s at the staging area.

My Chariot...

Best part was that we went thru several towns and all of them had a decent number of people lining the street, waving flags, standing at attention, saluting, etc, but Baldwin was by far the most. Downtown was packed with all of the above! (Super nice to see my business partner, his wife Heather and their daughter Alex out in support as well!) All of our fire and rescue vehicles as well as sheriffs folks were out blocking streets with sirens going... Brought a few tears to my eyes. I'm a veteran, but while I was willing, I never had to fight. We cannot thank those folks enough that made the ultimate sacrifice for us all!

I took this blurry one handed shot coming down the hill above Sippy Flats, those two little lines are all bikes until the Army and State Trooper escorts in the very front...

Spent the rest of the weekend hanging out down at Ivan’s with friends, doing the first annual Steve Fraley “reverse” poker run (Winner has to make dinner for the rest of us!) and basically playing biker in general. It was a great turn out this year and I’m looking forward to the next as usual.

First fish to hand on Monday.

Did a morning Streamer trip with Paul on Monday and the water was perfect! Nice tea stain and just enough height to not have to find the channels. We started turning fish right off the bat and had steady action all day, but only a handful would commit…

Moved a few brutes, but many were just around or above this range.

I was actually surprised at the amount of Steelhead we saw along the way and I offered to catch one if he wanted, but I have to admit I was happy when he said Streamer fishing for Browns was just fine!

Our two best fish to hand for the day.

Got off the river at a decent hour and began the job of packing that I’ve been procrastinating on for a little while! Thanks to our most excellent employee and friend Jake who will be house and dog sitting for us, Karen and I are able to take some personal time away before my Alaska departure mid June…

Game time!

First stop Sioux Falls to pick up her brother, visit some of her family and then it’s off to the Black Hills. We shall see where the wind takes us from there!

Pretty decent trout fishing in them thar hills the last time I visited…

And, not bad riding either!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll update a little along the way, but I’m going to cut this off now and get some sleep before the big push tomorrow. I’ll have a few days around Baldwin before my departure to Alaska, but odds are, unless you join us there, (Still have some open spots!) I’ll see most of you after my return home on August 23rd. (My first down river King trip is the 25th of August for me right now, but I’ve got prime openings after that if anyone’s interested! Just give the shop a call…)

Tight lines all,

Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me!

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