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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

August 28, 2014

Hey guys! Been slacking since I got home, sorry ‘bout that… (Not really, feels good! ;^) Heard that the fish weren’t in strong yet in the lower river so I put off some work and re-booked for some better days, but I did hear of a few pushes thru PM Lake and with some of the recent rains I “expect” it to be fishing decent to good down there by the weekend...

It’s that time again, Barski’s for some great food and beverage in the evening and fresh Kings during the day!

I’ll be at it strong starting this Saturday, but I still have a couple of days open and a couple of days blocked off for mine and Karen’s 25th wedding anniversary on the 2nd. If you’re interested in spending a day with me I’ve still got Monday the 1st, Friday the 5th and Sunday the 7th open in September. 231-745-3529

Looking forward to these hard bites and super fights!

I have plenty of openings yet mid October and most of November, but hope to see that fill in as the season progresses. More Steelhead trips would be awesome, but we may have a great late season King fishery as well. (As I type we also have other guides or, a guide available August 31st to September 5th, September 9, 11, 12, 15, 19, 23 & 24.)

Book your late October and November dates now for some chrome explosions and wild PM fish!

My last week, dubbed “hell week”, back in Alaska went well for everyone… My cousin Jim is a master at coordinating and near as I can tell everyone had a great time. I spent every day as Captain as the Cat and pitched in elsewhere when I could just as everyone else did. Day one was spent with a French family at Brooks and we had a blast.

Hey, I’d rather catch Rainbows personally, but more importantly happy clients make me happy also; they had a blast catching these all day!

Goofing off in “Pringleville”.

Day 2 was back to Brooks with a new crew. A little negligent with the camera, but we caught a few “socks” in the morning and plenty of Rainbows in the afternoon. Good times were had by all…

I love putting smiles on faces for a living!

Day 3, more of the same with different folks, it doesn’t get old!

A mother and cub up at Brooks Lake.

A couple shots, too busy for very many!

Day 4, you guessed it, back to Brooks!

Took this underwater shot…

…standing right here!

Tougher fishing that day for bows, but we got our share in this range.

Day 5, yep, caught a good number of Brooks bows again and had a blast with some great folks on my last day there.

Cracking me up man… That was fun!

I borrowed Shane’s hair...

…for this great shot in Pringleville that evening! He, he.

The French folks were great to hang out with!

The view from my screen window in Pringleville.

Day 6, my last for the season, was an awesome trip to Margot. This has got to be one of the most beautiful places we go to and the fishing was great as well.

Office view on the last morning commute.

An Eagle and the crew on the hike up.

Caught lots of these and some great Rainbows I didn’t get shots of, but are burnt into the memory banks.

Walking back to the boat.

Got about a third of the way home when someone discovered they’d left or lost their wallet up river so we had to turn back. Can’t get on a plane without ID! Opps…

Got some more cool shots waiting on the search party...

Wallet was found, back at camp in the ankle area of the waders that had been felt several times already… Oh well, made for a great evening ride.

Had a very festive night later on after packing for home with the boys at the King Ko. Quite the going away party with everyone buying me drinks, but I may have taken it just a bit too far… Wound up taking a header in the dark on a wood pallet in front of my tent and giving myself a black eye. ( I know, rescuing a moose, big brawl with another camp, bear wrestling and what not sounds better, but I’ll go with the embarrassing truth.) Not the going away present I was hoping for, but in hind sight (Since I got lucky and still have sight.) kind of funny. (Photo on Facebook, but it doesn’t do it justice…) I’m gonna miss you guys even though I’ll see many of you soon!

67 days with LOTS and LOTS of help in Huggy’s tent. Oh, the stories that were told…

Bye, Bye Alaska, see you next year!

Got home on Sunday afternoon and spent the next couple of days re-arranging some things and relaxing. Had a great ride Tuesday going to the Harley shop over in Freemont and visiting my dentist over in Muskegon. (Of course, I had a tooth that waited until I was in Alaska to act up!) Finished up the evening on our Tuesday night ride with friends, but we didn’t go very far before deciding we should just finish it up in my barn. Too much to catch up on…

Anyway, I need to get off here now and get my stuff organized that just came in the mail from AK. After that I’m in full swing mode for Salmon season here and, I might mention, so is the shop and motel! Looks like we’ve got lots of inventory for the season and I hope to see you there if not on the river. Till next time, Tight Lines!

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Alaska 2014

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P.S. Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me!

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