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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

October 29, 2014

Hey guys, had a few minutes and figured it was time for an update. My current open Guide dates are October 31, November 1, 3, 4, 13, 15 – 21 & 24 – 26. The motel and our other guides have some great dates available as well so give the shop a call to check on dates and lets go fishing! 1-231-745-3529

My streak of finding Steelhead on every outing has continued, but it’s gotten a little tougher here lately. Low and clear water is a contributing factor along with fishing pressure and those fish that are in the system have spread out and taken cover…

The reward for the effort.

Took a couple of days off after my last report on the 22nd to take care of some personal business, but got out on the 24th with anglers Tyler and Jack. Figured that push of fish that Steve, Ryan, John R and I saw in the lower river should be up in a certain area and from what I could tell, much of them were, but not what I’d call a “strong bite” at all. Most folks we talked with either hadn’t hit anything or only made contact with one or two. We lucked out…

Jack had some practice...

…for perfection!

Saturday was our annual fall cleanup and we had a decent turn out considering it was the same day as the big game. I want to take a minute to toss out a big thank you to Dave, the manager down at the Wesco Station. Every single cleanup he has donated coffee and donuts for the morning gathering and it is truly appreciated. Martin and his wife Shirley deserve some props as well as they give us a greatly discounted rate for all the car spots BBT picks up for the cleanup. Thanks guys!

A few of the folks missed the group photo, but we had fifteen participants that took the time out to give back… Pictured are Tony, Grant, Howard, Dennis, Evan, Wayne, Steve from Barski, Stuart, Jake, Myself, John K, Mike and Ken. Not pictured are Mike’s wife Janice and his nephew Jason as well as a couple of other names I did not get…

Thank you from the crew at BBT and the river!

John K, Grant, Dennis, Stuart, Ken and I all tackled Upper Branch to Walhalla and since it would have taken a full week to get everything we didn’t, but we did make a major dent in the situation and filled many a bag…

Got a huge haul from this log jam above “salmon city”.

One of Ken’s trophies.

Dennis was a machine with his custom rig getting tons of line, lures, flies, baits and enough beads and bare hooks to stock a store with! ;^)

Had some great grub at the appreciation party in my barn afterward with some of the highlights being brats and burgers from the meat shack that John grilled up, a fantastic salad that John’s wife Heather made, Tony’s famous gumbo that’s always a big hit, Janice made a three cheese Mac-n-cheese that was to die for and my wife Karen’s green bean casserole… Pumpkin rolls from Heather and a cheese cake Karen made put us all over the edge…

Cheers to a great cause and some great food!

I took Stuart and Ken downriver on Sunday to seek out some silver and we found some, but not many and those we did make contact with wound up winning the day… No grip and grin for us, but a solid day none the less with great weather, great friends and a few great battles!

Thanks guys, hope to see you again in November or early December!

I went back downriver on Monday with John R and John K for a short little scouting mission even further down, but found it to be kind of slower than expected hitting nothing on streamers, only one Coho on a pitched plug and one Steelhead on a fly/indicator rig for the few hours we were out there.

Had a few cool eagle sightings….

Hard to find a “silver” more silver than that in the PM!

Guide lunch for guides…

Almost caught the air show.

Perfect wild PM buck...

I was supposed to go out with Steve from Barski this morning, but between a late pool league night, a report that needed writing, a boat that needs washing, etc, etc… I bailed. Sorry buddy! We’ll get out there soon. I’ve got a trip in the morning with Arnie and then a couple of days off. If it stays that way we’ll get out then. That’s all I’ve got for now so…

See ya next time!

Don’t forget to stop in Barski’s for some off the hook chow and say hi to my buddy Steve for me when in the greater Baldwin area!

Our shop hours are 7am – 6pm daily now… Our guides and the Motel still have some prime openings and the shop is full of inventory, so please stop by or give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions, provide updated river reports and help you with reservations.

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