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Steve Fraley, BBT
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September 18, 2014

Just another quick one for you before the weekend. Slow and steady wins the race… A good attitude and outlook on life helps a little also! In short, it’s still not gangbusters and I’m not so sure that it ever will be this season. Saw some fish moving this morning and a “few” spots filled in a little more, but pools full of fresh fish everywhere is not in the cards, at least not for now.

We’ve been so spoiled for so long that most of us forgot what “fishing” for Salmon is because of all the catching we usually do! Guess what, it’s time to separate the fisherman from the rest… If you cover some water and work a little you’ll most likely be rewarded, but they’re not giving them away as in most previous years by this time.

Fortunately, for me, I’ve got great folks that have been with me for many years that have a great attitude. (We’ve seen it all!) Seriously, what’s not to love about floating the river on a beautiful fall day with a decent shot at hooking some fish if you’re willing to work at it? Not a thing that I can think of and there’s a whole lot of other places I’d rather not be! ;^)

We’ve been putting in our time, doing our homework and its paid off. Nothing silly in the “numbers” game, but more than enough fish on the line each day to keep it interesting and every once in a while we land a few…

I’m still holding out hope that it’s a 2010 repeat with the bulk of our fish yet to come, but if not, I promise not to bitch about it and still have a blast every single day. There are enough fish in there; you just have to find ‘em! (Actually, if you want to ride the moped, there’s a fair amount on gravel already. Trust me on that, I had one client that rode one already and I’ve been really tempted a few other times on some good looking fish!)

Seriously folks, knock it off with the long faces and look around you. If you’re not having a good time being out there, you just need to take up another hobby! This whole Debbie downer vibe I’m getting from some folks just tells me a little more about the kind of person they are than I really wanted to know! Really, just go have some fun and stop taking yourself so seriously…

If we don’t see another fish enter the system (Highly doubtful) we’ll still make a good go of it throughout the end of the normal season, but I’ve got a strong feeling we’re going to have another great late September and October. Then again, I am, and always have been, a serious optimist!

Anyway, I’ve got to cut this short again as I need to get some sleep for another big day with the same group from the last few shots above and below. (A few of today’s catches and just the tip of a serious iceberg from the past 19 or so years!) Here’s to hoping I’ll see your smiling faces on the river this fall if not in the shop (Stop in! we’ve got loads of cool stuff we need to offload!) or around the motel/barn compound…

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