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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 29, 2016

Hey guys, just a few quick words from me as I wanted to make sure and wish everyone a safe and happy Trout Opener this weekend. It looks as though the weather will improve as the day goes on today and the weekend should be pretty nice around here overall. What rain we did get should only improve stream conditions for you so hey, try not to party “too” hard and catch a bunch of those rested up fish… ;^)

Great to spend the day with you Richard and thanks for taking on the extra weight John!

My situation remains the same for now as I continue to baffle all the doctors from both Spectrum Health and U of M so far. I’ve been spending my time since last report in and out of hospitals getting blood test and blood transfusions, (Had a double transfusion on Monday when I dropped to a “critical” level, but other than being just a little more tired and dizzy than my now normal nothing seemed all that off to me.) but I’ve also managed to hitch a ride on the river with another long time friend and client as well as a couple other fun things…

Double dose! Yea man, feeling good now…

I like to joke around with the nurses and my friends each time I get a transfusion about having various cravings that might hint toward the different ethnicities of the people whose blood I might be getting, but in reality, I just want to thank all those people and I could care less what their gender was, where they came from or the color of their skin. Every time I get some new blood it gives me a little boost for at least a day or two and I am happy to be a little part of whomever it was that did that for me.

Must have been a couple of river guides blood that I got on Monday. The x-ray showed nothing but my normal cravings for me this time!

OK, seriously though, here’s a story with some irony… I spent Tuesday getting a few chores done with my newly found energy and visiting with my cousins the Johnson’s who just got back in town for a short spell. As I was leaving the drive my cousin Jim came out of the door catching me before I could pull away and he made a serious point of telling me that if he could do anything for me of if I needed anything at all to be sure and just ask. I know he meant it and it made me feel good…

Always happy to call these people my family!

Anyway… Oddly enough, when I got home I was just telling my wife how nice it is of all the people (Must be a couple hundred now. No kidding.) who have said "Let me know if I can do anything or if you need anything at all." when there's really nothing they can do, but the thought is truly appreciated.

Not five minutes after that I saw on Facebook that I had inspired a couple of my friends to donate blood and suddenly I had the answer!! If you can and are allowed to, (Many people cannot donate because of time overseas etc. myself included.) you can feel free to go donate blood and I will consider that a great favor knowing what it does for me when I need it as well as the other lives it can save. Send me as pic if you can and thanks!!!

Thanks to Marshal, Steve and Kirk (Shown here from his visit to the Red Cross yesterday and my longest running friend in the world!) for being the first three of the newly formed blood dive!

That’s all I’ve got for now. To keep up with more particulars friend me on Facebook, (Steven R Fraley) but otherwise I will try not to bore you with this too much!

Tight Lines All,

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