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07-25-2011, 03:37 PM
Anyone here own a Clackacraft Flypod??

Since, I've sold my Hyde LP, I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger on a new drifter.
The flypod is one of my 3 choices, and I'm curious for those that have one, has it been everything you hoped it would be? anything you'd change or don't like?
I'd like to hear any input you might have on this boat. Pics with/without fish porn is always welcome too :D

My 3 choices are: Flypod, 16 LP Clacka with megabench, Stealthcraft Superfly 16
If you wanna comment on the other 2 boats as well, please do, I'm all ears.



07-25-2011, 04:16 PM
I have a Stealthcraft Superfly, and I love the boat. Clacka is a great boat too, after researching there were too many pro's to having Mike and his guys build the boat, including customizing, price, overall looks, usability and location. I really liked the fact the superfly is fully walk around, my daughter is young and i want her to feel save moving through the boat. Weight, if you want a lighter boat the 16' superfly I have weighs in at 258 lbs dry.

07-25-2011, 09:56 PM
I'll second Stealthcraft. Mike and crew are in the midst of building my 16 superfly now. Customized and lots of cup holders ;)


07-26-2011, 11:41 AM
Over the years I have truly enjoyed fishing out of Clackacraft drift boats. I have had very low maintenance and no structural repairs. My first one I owned I had over 20 years and is still being used today. I never spent a cent on the bottom or any of the fiberglass. I repaired the oar locks, anchor system, and track that held the seats. The pics below show my new ride - The Flypod. There is alot of things I enjoy about the Flypod. It is easy to row and tracks very well. There is more storage than I know what to do with. The low sides and casting platforms are easy to walk around and offer easier access to get in and out of the boat. The long storage areas are very sturdy and you can stand on them and cast. Even when you are standing on the side storage areas the boat is still stable and you don't feel like you are going to be catapulted out of the boat. The rod holders work great for 10ft rods or shorter, when you start adding switch or spey rods you need to set them on top of the storage areas. The back support shelf near the anchor holds and supports most grills. The anchor system is run underneath the floor and I haven't had any issues with it freezing up or getting snagged somewhere. I find it alot easier to load and unload off the trailer and seems to weigh alot less. When cleaning and washing the boat the plugs for drainage are located in the right places and water and dirt flows easily without having to unplug anything or soak up water using a cyphon or towel. I think the big thing is comfort when fishing or sitting. The passenger seat areas are elevated and allow you to have plenty of visibility and room to move about, whether you are casting or lounging. When it comes to improvements I should have asked for the adjustable casting brace for the back seat, it would make it easier when dealing with low hanging obstacles. So far I haven't needed it but there may come a time when I might. Currently the back casting rest is removable and secured to a metal support underneath the floor. The rubber trim around the edges of the fiberglass could have been designed better and had the same issues with it coming loose like my old rig. Other than those two minor flaws, I have enjoyed the boat very much and would recommend it to others. Also I have had the opportunity to row several different types of boats over the years but not a Stealthcraft. If anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a PM.

I tried to find pics that might show some of the details of the boat....Hope this helps.....












07-26-2011, 01:17 PM
Dgawlak ,
Thanks for the great and detailed reply!
There is alot of great storage for gear and rods in that boat for sure!
Have you had any issues with the seating or storage boxes squeaking?
With those side lockers taking up so much room. Where the heck do put your coolers?


07-26-2011, 01:36 PM
Gunnar, no worries, you are welcome anytime. I haven't had any issues with squeeking or rattling. Matter of fact on my old Clacka the oars would make a terrible noise when rowing and had to use chapstick and powder graphite to quite them down. There is additional storage space underneath each seat that can be used as a cooler. My cooler is in red located behind the rower's seat. I have one that fits perfectly plus I like having easy quick access to it behind me-you never know when you might need some cough medicine!! ;) Also the long storage bins are great for hiding munchies and cigars. You could also place a cooler where my gear bag sits-in front of the floor anchor.


07-26-2011, 03:15 PM
If that Fly Pod was out when I bought a Clacka LP MB, I would have taken a serious look at it. There are a lot of pluses to having those benches on the side. I do know I have lost my dog over the side of my boat when he was walking the edge and we bumped into something. Not sure I could keep him off of those and he would soon be over board again. It's all about storage and where you want it. The more you can leave in the boat, the better I like it. The cooler is one of the items that has to be taken back and forth, so having that loose on the boat is going to happen. Being able to stand on those side benches is really cool though. That would probably put me over the edge into buying the Fly Pod. The Stealthcraft looks like a really nice boat..

Now if you want to get REALLY confused....check these out!!!



These boats also look amazing. I think I would really look hard at the Pavati....looks like the Ferrari of the river...


07-26-2011, 04:20 PM
I looked into the Pavati.
2 things that have made me look the other way is : 1. The price $$$ and 2. They don't have a low profile model.

They do have some really nice features though.

Haven't seen the other boat maker but will check it out

So are you saying that you would Like the pod over your megabench?

07-26-2011, 08:31 PM

Ya....I think the Ferrari is priced like a Ferrari....Lots of really cool stuff on the Pavati, but you really pay for it.

The other boat manufacturer has a really cool looking boat....not sure about all of the features, but it sure looks great. Don't discount Batcke, he is local and can help with any additions you want to add. Just like Dave and his DryFly float boats, it is really nice having a local to help out.

I have done a few things to the Clacka and the guys have been awesome at helping out though.

Here are a few things that I like with the MB. I stick my grill, towels, lights and cooking supplies in that box. You could easily do the same with the FP. The rowers bench has a radio, speakers and power switches, front light storage, and extension cords. Easily done with the FP. I do like the open room for the kids, wife and dog, but that is not all the time......Man, the more I look at that FP, the more I like it. Talk to Fraley and get his opinion...he is in his Clacka a lot more than I am. I just realized you could make a rod storage area out of one of the boxes and keep them on the boat....HUGE plus in my opinion. If there is enough length to make that work. That way you just semi break them down after a trip and off you go. I haven't seen a FP on the PM or even up close, but to be able to walk around the boat like that could be incredible. I do wonder how much the boat would shift when standing up there? I do know that a little added height when casting helps a bunch, especially marking fish.....I would love to see one of those guys up close....
Hard decision....but that looks like a serious fun time.

07-27-2011, 09:11 AM
If any of you are fishing some weekend or week day send me a PM and you can take a look at the FP or better yet maybe spend the day fishing in it...

FYI - I do not work for or get paid by Clacka

07-27-2011, 09:45 AM
If any of you are fishing some weekend or week day send me a PM and you can take a look at the FP or better yet maybe spend the day fishing in it...

FYI - I do not work for or get paid by Clacka

Very cool! I appreciate the offer!

I was wondering ....
Does it ever feel kinda claustrophobic in your rowers seat with that little space between the storage boxes, and how is it fishing on a big river in terms of "space." I'm trying to imagine what would be more comfortable fishing 2 guys all day out of the boat..... The LP with mega bench or FP.
What has been your experience ??

07-27-2011, 10:36 AM
When I got the boat Steve mentioned to me it wouldn't work for him and guiding, I can't remember why but he lives in the dam things-I am just a weekend warrior...

The space between the storage boxes could be a little tight depending on the size of the person. The two guys I fish with the most are much taller and slightly larger than me. I am 5ft 7in and it works for me. I have had the boat loaded up with three guys, three rods each, grill and each brought food and drink. I have had at least 5 different people take the sticks and haven't had anyone complain about the leg space. The one comment which is consistant is how easy it is to manuever.

When fishing, it hasn't been a problem fishing two at the same time or even three. I have fished the big water (Muskegon and Manistee) without any problems. We have fished streamers swinging and stripping, indy, dry and wet fly fishing all with some level of success. Also there have been times when we had three rods flailing away out of the boat.

Another benefit, I think was mentioned earlier is how I can store all my junk in it and I am always ready to go. I don't have to reload/unload after or before every trip....Just give it a bath.

08-09-2011, 06:08 PM
After quite a bit more research and a lot of talking/rowing with Mike B at Stealthcraft, I have decided to go with a 16 Superfly, custom to my spec's.

I was very impressed with Mike's boats, and of course the "test drive" down the PM sealed the deal :D

To say I'm very excited about the new ride would be a major understatement!!

After I take delivery, I'll post up a detailed review with plenty o pics :cool:

08-09-2011, 07:54 PM
Good for you! I have nothing but good things to day about my stealthcraftand the customer service Mike offers.

Fly Water
08-09-2011, 09:43 PM
Excellent choice. Mikes a super great guy as im sure you realized. I bought a 2010 this spring and am in the process of designing a new Aftermath. Basicly the superfly but 15'. They are sweet boats. Lite, rigid, without all the cross braces most boats need, so its roomy. Not to mention fast on the water, stable and beautiful looking. Can't beat having local support too.

08-10-2011, 08:28 AM
Hey Mike, I'll be the first to offer my services to get some fish slime on the new rig. ;) Might even toss in some venison burgers as bait. :D

08-10-2011, 01:02 PM
Hey Mike, I'll be the first to offer my services to get some fish slime on the new rig. ;) Might even toss in some venison burgers as bait. :D

Just the thought of those kick a** Venison burgers is making my mouth water!!

08-16-2011, 08:22 PM
I have decided to go with a 16 Superfly, custom to my spec's.

I was very impressed with Mike's boats, and of course the "test drive" down the PM sealed the deal :D

To say I'm very excited about the new ride would be a major understatement!!

Congrats...Can't wait to see it! Hopefully will see you on the river with it one of these days.

08-17-2011, 07:56 AM
Great choice....you will love having the shop so close. Any updates, changes, repairs or improvements will be easy, local and quick.

Bring on the pics......